September 11: Burnside Music Series Finale with Detroit Rebellion!


Detoit RebellionAn amazing series deserves an amazing capstone, and that’s exactly what we have in store for this Thursday! September 11 will bring the wonderful 2014 Burnside Music Series to a close. Thankfully, Detroit Rebellion will keep our spirits high until the bitter end! Toeing the line between jazz and no-wave, this blues driven garage duo creeps and grooves their way to a good time.


Come on down at 4:30 to partake of Trinity’s always fabulous beer garden, and stay tuned for live music at 5:30. As always, keep an eye on our Facebook page for breaking updates!

September 4 at the Burnside Music Series: Death Vessel + The Mansfield Hornets!

Death Vessel Band Photo

Providence-goers and people of the Plaza, this is indeed a week of second chances. Though earlier in the season our dreams were delayed, as both Death Vessel and the Mansfield Hornets were rained out of their original concert dates, these local superstars are combining forces this very Thursday to create what could very likely be considered the greatest Burnside Music Series concert of all time!

The Mansfield Hornets

This fabulous double bill will get started shortly after the Trinity Beer Garden opens its metaphorical doors at 4:30pm, with the Mansfield Hornets kicking off your end of summer evening-in-the-park experience. Hard pressed to think of a more delightful way to unwind than listening to the impeccable stylings of Rhode Island’s premier Balkan psych outfit  while sipping sangria in beautiful Burnside Park? You’re not alone!


At long last, Death Vessel will take the stage from 6-7pm, regaling us with the labyrinthine falsetto narratives for which we have been clamoring all summer. This will be a good one, Rhode Island. See you in the park!


As always, keep up to date with the series (and see the full 2014 season lineup) on our Facebook page!



August 28 at the Burnside Music Series: M.A.K.U. Soundsystem!

MAKU Large


Plaza goers, I hope that you are ready for a VERY special treat! Joining us this week (and making the trip to Burnside all the way from NYC) are M.A.K.U. Soundsystem, an immigrant band hailing largely from Columbia. M.A.K.U. identify themselves as embodying “an active quest for identity through sound and bodies in motion, and puts on a party for everyday people,” and let me tell you what, Providence: anyone who has heard their music would be hard pressed to find an argument otherwise. M.A.K.U.’s sounds are guaranteed to move the casual passer-by and the music aficionado alike. You can listen to their music here, and, of course, in Burnside Park this very Thursday!

Get there early to enjoy Trinity Brewhouse’s fabulous beer garden (open for business from 4:30-7:30) and enjoy this incredible live music from 5:30-7.

As always, stay tuned to our Facebook event for breaking updates, and the full listing of this summer’s lineup!



August 21 at the Burnside Music Series: Home Body!















We’re in luck this week, Burnside. All the way from beautiful Easthampton, Massachusetts are electronic dark dance heroes and masters of vocal wizardry Home Body. Self described as “sort of new-wavy-electronic-a’pop’calyptic-shimmer-core that’s down to earth, vivid, and visceral,” this duo uses Korg synthesizers, drum machines, and note sequencers to lay a foundation atop which radiantly well honed vocals may triumph. Home Body’s music and performance show laser-like aesthetic vision, and are truly a wonder to behold.

Keep abreast of breaking updates, as always, via our Facebook event! See you this Thursday in the park at 4:30 for Trinity Beer Garden, and from 5:30-7 for these amazing jams!

Next Up at the Burnside Music Series: What Cheer? Brigade!

What Cheer Brigade


Up this week at the much beloved Burnside Music Series are local favorites, acoustic wizards, and eternal bringers of the party What Cheer? Brigade! This notorious band of troubadours has travelled the world spreading the good vibes of Providence far and wide. It is an honor to have them on replacing the Burnside stage!

Come on down to the beer garden this Thursday, August 14, from 4:30-7:30, and stay tuned for What Cheer? Brigade… when you least expect it!


As always, keep up with series (including moment to moment info) on our Facebook page!



August 7 at the Burnside Music Series: Death Vessel! (CANCELLED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER)

Death Vessel Band Photo











Providence, this week we are indeed in for a treat. Gracing the Burnside Music Series this Thursday, fresh off the Newport Folk Festival, is none other than Rhode Island’s own Death Vessel. The project of one Joel Thibodeau, Death Vessel rings true to a tradition of profoundly honest songwriting, yet aesthetically is unmistakably individual. Internationally renown and signed to the famed Sub Pop records, we are delighted to have Death Vessel on the Burnside stage!

Check out Death Vessel’s fantastical video for Mercury Dime, filmed at the Columbus Theater and created by locals Peter Glantz and Corey Grayhorse, here!




July 31 at the Burnside Music Series: Debo Band!

Full Debo Band

Fabulous news, Plaza-goers! If you’ve been enjoying the thrilling happenings taking place in the park this season thus far, you’re going to love whats coming up next. Venturing down from Boston, Mass. are the inimitable Debo Band. This 11 piece Ethiopian pop outfit incorporates traditional scales and vocal styles, alongside American soul and funk rhythms and instrumentation reminiscent of Eastern European brass bands. In short, their grooves are impossible to resist.

Debo have toured Ethiopia twice, have won acclaim all over the world, were recognized as one of NPR’s favorite bands of 2012, and are now bringing their unparalleled jams to heart of Providence, the better that you might enjoy their funky splendor! This chance to experience them live is not to be missed.

Get updates on our Facebook page, and find out more about the Burnside Music Series here!

July 24th at the Burnside Music Series: An Afternoon with Girls Rock! Rhode Island



This week marks a wildly exciting event in the life of 2014′s Burnside Music Series. Having just finished their 5th annual summer Girls Rock Camp, Girls Rock! Rhode Island will join us for an awesome showcase of their program participants, alumni, and volunteers, including the world premiers of Glttrghost and Neon Boots!

Girls Rock! Rhode Island is a volunteer-based non-profit that uses music creation and critical thinking to foster empowerment, collaborative relationships, and the development of healthy identities in girls and women… and lord, do they do it! Just how do 60 girls learn instruments, form bands, design and silk screen their own merch, engage in workshops about collaboration and critical thinking, and perform original music in front of hundreds of people in just five days? You can find out by checking out Girls Rock! Rhode Island’s alumni blog from camp!

To experience the magic yourself (and to get more information about Girls Rock! year round programming) join us this Thursday in the park!

July 17 Burnside Music Series: Diego Perez and JPA Falzone

JPA Falzone

Miracle of miracles, Downcity! This upcoming week the Burnside Music Series will host a double bill starring two of Providence’s most brilliant and uncommon jewels. Kicking off this Thursday afternoon is none other than Flan y Ajo and Bodega Malasaña co-founder (and all around wonderful guy) Diego Perez. Diego is taking time out of his ever busying restaraunteur schedule to grace Burnside Park with a rare taste of his narrative stylings. Thank you, Diego! Headlining the evening, Providence community treasure JPA Falzone (erstwhile member of Vio Mire) has promised a performance specially tailored to this near pastoral opportunity. Falzone’s transcendentally immersive Farfisa and foot organ compositions drifting on the gentle sunset breeze, the leaves rustling overhead, friends by your side- not to be missed, indeed!