July 31 at the Burnside Music Series: Debo Band!

Full Debo Band

Fabulous news, Plaza-goers! If you’ve been enjoying the thrilling happenings taking place in the park this season thus far, you’re going to love whats coming up next. Venturing down from Boston, Mass. are the inimitable Debo Band. This 11 piece Ethiopian pop outfit incorporates traditional scales and vocal styles, alongside American soul and funk rhythms and instrumentation reminiscent of Eastern European brass bands. In short, their grooves are impossible to resist.

Debo have toured Ethiopia twice, have won acclaim all over the world, were recognized as one of NPR’s favorite bands of 2012, and are now bringing their unparalleled jams to heart of Providence, the better that you might enjoy their funky splendor! This chance to experience them live is not to be missed.

Get updates on our Facebook page, and find out more about the Burnside Music Series here!

July 24th at the Burnside Music Series: An Afternoon with Girls Rock! Rhode Island



This week marks a wildly exciting event in the life of 2014′s Burnside Music Series. Having just finished their 5th annual summer Girls Rock Camp, Girls Rock! Rhode Island will join us for an awesome showcase of their program participants, alumni, and volunteers, including the world premiers of Glttrghost and Neon Boots!

Girls Rock! Rhode Island is a volunteer-based non-profit that uses music creation and critical thinking to foster empowerment, collaborative relationships, and the development of healthy identities in girls and women… and lord, do they do it! Just how do 60 girls learn instruments, form bands, design and silk screen their own merch, engage in workshops about collaboration and critical thinking, and perform original music in front of hundreds of people in just five days? You can find out by checking out Girls Rock! Rhode Island’s alumni blog from camp!

To experience the magic yourself (and to get more information about Girls Rock! year round programming) join us this Thursday in the park!


July 17 Burnside Music Series: Diego Perez and JPA Falzone

JPA Falzone

Miracle of miracles, Downcity! This upcoming week the Burnside Music Series will host a double bill starring two of Providence’s most brilliant and uncommon jewels. Kicking off this Thursday afternoon is none other than Flan y Ajo and Bodega Malasaña co-founder (and all around wonderful guy) Diego Perez. Diego is taking time out of his ever busying restaraunteur schedule to grace Burnside Park with a rare taste of his narrative stylings. Thank you, Diego! Headlining the evening, Providence community treasure JPA Falzone (erstwhile member of Vio Mire) has promised a performance specially tailored to this near pastoral opportunity. Falzone’s transcendentally immersive Farfisa and foot organ compositions drifting on the gentle sunset breeze, the leaves rustling overhead, friends by your side- not to be missed, indeed!

July 10 at the Burnside Music Series: The Sugar Honey Iced Tea!


Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Well, lovers of Downcity, after a stormy 4th of July week, the Burnside Music Series is ready to reclaim our rightful place in the sun, and just in time! Up this week are very special guests (and inimitably wonderful persons) The Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Known about town for their wildly positive vibes, unparalleled musicianship, timeless songwriting, and all around classy attitude,  The Sugar Honey Iced Tea’s most transfixing characteristic lies in their pristine, earthy vocal harmonies. Think The Andrews Sisters meets Eartha Kitt meets Tom Waits… but more approachable. Cozy up to their mellifluous tunes this Thursday, July 10 at the Trinity Beer Garden in Burnside Park! Food truck snacks and play space for the whole family abound. (Insider tip: keep an eye out for updates about The Sugar Honey Iced Tea’s new record, coming out this August, here!)

Burnside Music Series: The Mansfield Hornets (RESCHEDULED due to severe weather)

The Mansfield Hornets


Miracle of miracles! This Thursday, July 3, the Burnside Music Series is being graced with Rhode Island (via Mansfield) royalty. The Mansfield Hornets (née The Hornets) count among their other projects The Eyesores, Throttles, The Amazing Royal Crowns, Double Decker Dance Band, and too many more to name. These esteemed gentlemen have been bestowing their varied musical virtuosity on Rhode Islands for a matter of decades, and have now joined forces to filter your favorite Balkan, Irish, Cajun, Turkish, country, and jazz through the psychedelic web that is their interpretation. The Mansfield Hornets decidedly touch upon the rare combination of confounding the most avid musicians while delighting the most casual listener as well. A rare jewel indeed!

2014′s Burnside Music Series and Beer Garden Commences This Thursday!


2014 Burnside Music Series


It’s go time, Rhode Island. Your much awaited summer is officially here, ceremoniously signified by the 2014 Burnside Music Series and Beer Garden kicking off in full effect! Every Thursday starting now,  Burnside Park will be transformed into your favorite restaurant, your family outing, your afternoon date, and your patio bar. Lounge on the grass, grab a bite from your favorite food truck, or sidle up to the tables and chairs at Trinity Brewhouse’s beer garden (open from 4:30-7:30 every Thursday!). Live music from 5:30-7 ensures that your personal dance hall, show-space, and musician’s salon is but a stroll downtown away. Whether you’re wrapping up your work day or just heading in for a shift, you deserve a break! Treat yourself to Burnside Thursdays in the park. You’ve earned it!

Stay up to date and find out more about series performers at the Burnside Music Series Facebook event!

You’ve earned it, Providence: an entire season of afternoons in the park. The sun on your face, the breeze on your skin, a well-deserved drink in your hand, and the kind of music that means it drifting all around you.

Every Thursday this summer, Burnside Park will be transformed into your favorite restaurant, your family outing, your afternoon date, and your patio bar. Lounge on the grass, grab a bite from your favorite food truck, or sidle up to the tables and chairs at Trinity Brewhouse’s beer garden (open from 4:30-7:30 every Thursday!). Live music from 5:30-7 ensures that your personal dance hall, showspace, and musician’s salon is but a stroll downtown away. 2014’s Burnside Music Series will be filled with unstoppable rhythms, celestial harmonies, unparalleled musicianship, and good times.

Whether you’re wrapping up work, heading in for your shift, cavorting with friends, or just reveling in something other than winter, join us by the fountain Thursday afternoons. You work hard. You deserve it.

PLUS discount Parking at the Biltmore Garage, 51 Washington Street, is available from 5pm to 8pm, tickets will be validated at Burnside Park. Find weekly updates and a full series calendar here!





June 26
Supreme Satellite Band
This West African Afro-Reggae gets to the heart of what music should do: make everyone within fifty yards dance!

The Mansfield Hornets
All your favorite Balkan, Irish, Cajun, Turkish, Country, Jazz and Rock songs through a heavy psych filter.
July 10
Sugar Honey Iced Tea
Melifluous boogie-woogie Appalachia to soothe hearts and ears alike.
July 17
JPA Falzone
Immersive Farfisa jams allude to Scottish lullabys, Nigerian Moog, and tranquility at large.

Diego Perez

A rare Providence jewel graces us with songs of longing, woe, and car travel.

July 24
An Afternoon with Girls Rock! Rhode Island featuring special guests Glttrghost and Neon Boots
Join us for an awesome showcase of Girls Rock! Rhode Island’s participants, as well as the world debuts of Glttrghost and Neon Boots!

July 31
Debo Band
Ethiopian funk infused with Eastern European tonality. This is music to move to!

Death Vessel
The ethereal momentum of the elements contained in something like Folk.

August 14
What Cheer? Brigade
This 19 piece brass band is out to prove that good parties don’t need electricity.

August 21
HomeBody (Montague, Massachusetts)
Dark, experimental, electro indie pop for the connoisseur and the family.

August 28
M.A.K.U. SoundSystem (NYC)
This NYC based Columbian immigrant band embodies a quest for identity through sound and bodies in motion.

September 4 (Rain Date)
Death Vessel + The Mansfield Hornets

September 11
Detroit Rebellion
Toeing the line between jazz and no-wave, this blues driven garage duo creeps and grooves their way to a good time.


Join the Team! Apply to be a Healthy Families on the Plaza Intern!

At the center of downtown Providence and visited by 55 thousand individuals each day, Kennedy Plaza is the intersection of the city’s surrounding neighborhoods and serves a diverse cross-section of Rhode Island’s communities.  Greater Kennedy Plaza and the City of Providence Healthy Communities Office have teamed up to create Healthy Families on the Plaza– a summer internship program in support of healthy outcomes for local families and youth in our city center.

There are a variety of opportunities such as Communications Intern, Family Programs Intern, Health Programs Intern, and Art Programs Intern. Gain valuable skills and experience while making your city a greater place!

For more information and to apply click the link below, or download the internship description here: Internship Application 2014